Will Bill Gates Really Rob The Top 1% Of Their Worth ?

I totally agree with the belief that Bill Gates is one of the world’s brightest people still alive. He also happens to be the world’s richest, while still remaining humble and giving. But the recent claims in what I personally believe that this is the works of scam artist allergies that his latest breakthrough is something unexpected.

The scammers go on to say that Bill Gates himself spent over $2.5 billion dollars and countless man hours building it. Now scam alert bells begin to ring when the scammers say…

” If it works as expected, Bill Gates would be the first person in history to single-handedly reshape our economy with his latest project – Gates Way.”

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Is Making Money Online Really That Simple ?

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Maybe I Can Help Debug Some Of The Myths Better Than This Bill Gate Scam From Gatesway!

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Let me quickly share with you from the beginning to continue the scam story am sharing… here they are…

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The content need not be yours. The visitors want content, but they didn’t say they want your content. You could be sharing or curating someone’s content to make money online.


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2. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Once your website is up, drive traffic to it.

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Back To The Gates Way System

Let’s get some facts straight. The top 1% currently is hoarding 241$ trillion dollars, which is enough to give every single person on earth a cool 6 figure check of $103,200. And since most of this wealth is being traded by Wall Street Daily, theoretically it can all be taken back by outsmarting the Wall Street traders.

According to the scammer’s claims, Bill Gates did just that – he built a computer code that outsmarts any human trader on earth.

Could This Really Be True-Is There Any Element Of Truth In This Claim?

The TED Talks video with Gates that you can see on the GatesWay website is real, Gates really spoke at TED. But his original speech was about viruses and how you could apply simple internet security software available on the market to secure your home internet user experience. And scammers used that video to replace his voice with somebody else who speaks about a binary options software.

They also edited the video and put the GatesWay logo on the background instead of the original.

According to the presentation, GatesWay has a 77% win rate, so it should make you at least $1,455 per day. For free, because the program is free. But wait a second…

Gates Way Is Nothing But A Sophisticated scam

The truth is that GatesWay is a very insolent scam because it abuses not only binary options but also Bill Gate’s identity.

They claim that It’s an algorithm, designed to take from the top 1% wealthy people and redistribute the money back to regular people.

Allegedly this algorithm literally beats the stock market with an accuracy of 75%, which means you will be winning 3 trades out of 4 but this is not entirely true.

The Scammers also says if you find yourself wondering, what will keep the Wall Street from using this software and making us even poorer? They have an answer to that too! And their answer is simple – this software is hard coded to only work with Binary Options trading platforms, which means the trades are limited to 250$ per trade.

Wall Street is trading trillions, so 250$ just isn’t going to cut it for them. However, for regular people this is huge! At the moment software isn’t released yet but as Bill Gates team demonstrated to us – it already works and generates around $2,000 – $4,000 profits a day per trading account!

If the software goes live, regular people will slowly drain the pile of cash that is hoarded by top 1%. Sure the transition will be slow but actually, it’s better this way, because if wealth was redistributed in short period of time, the economy would crash worldwide. So in this case, slower is better.

The Scammer’s Fake Interview With A Binary Options Trading Platform Manager -Micheal Yount.

According to an interview with Michael Yount, project manager of Gates Way, here is what he got to say about Bill Gates mind-blowing binary options trading software.

Does this software really work? “Yes. It has the potential to predict winning trades with 90% accuracy, but we actually made it slightly dumber to keep it at around 75%. This will help with server stability issues since it requires way less computing power.”

When will it go live? “Software is fully functioning already and we will welcome our first members very, very soon. Right now we are adding finishing touches and triple checking our code encryption.”

Triple checking code encryption? “Yes. The actual algorithms must be hidden so no one can actually see how the software works. We are taking encryption very seriously, because if the source code is leaked or decrypted, someone could backward engineer it and plug it into a trading platform with unlimited trade size, allowing the person to rob the whole world.”

What if everyone in the world started using this software? There isn’t enough money in the world to give 7 billion people $2,000 – $4,000 per day. “This is a very good question and we have the answer! Our software is only 75% effective against Wall Street (or other human traders), but if everyone is using it, software needs to compete against itself and it can’t beat itself. In this case, its efficiency evens out to just 50%. So no one will be winning on the large scale. Basically, the efficiency of our software drops by 1% for every 200 million people who are using it.”

So the first ones to jump on this will make more money? “We wouldn’t say that, no. Sure, the winning rate will be higher for first people to start using it, but on the larger scale and with time it will even-out the wealth fairly well.”

What is your vision? What do you wish to accomplish with this? “We believe that in 5 years majority of the worlds population will start using software, and in 10 years the wealth gap will be completely blurred. This will end the poverty, hunger, and even wars. “

Is the software free? “Yes. The software is free and this is our gift to the world. However, you do need to fund the trading account to get started. The minimum investment we recommend is 250$. After countless tests, we determined that 250$ is the minimum amount of money that is guaranteed to reach $2,000 – $4,000 profits per day fast.”

After the interview, Bill Gates team demonstrated the software in action. We were shocked. After small investment of $250, it actually won 84 trades out of 100, resulting in profits of $2,583.91. We can’t wait for the software to go live. Bill Gates and his team has promised that CNN will be the first to know, so keep your eyes open.

Is Gates way worth the salt?

Absolutely not! To save your time and grief, look for well established and regulated binary options trading platforms available online. If your dream is to just make money online,have freedom of time and location, then there are many ways to make that dream possible with little to no money risks associated with these get rich quick schemes from Gates way.  If you are willing to put in the hours or hard work to get you off the ground, there are countless ways of making a good living online with just a mobile phone and internet connection.

Here’s To Your Success!

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