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We look at what Na M’bado has got for us as a lesson of the day. This is from her facebook words of inspiration on the Celebration Corner page.

Make the call! A young woman at a textile mill was new on the job. A large red warning sign on her sewing machine read,

 “If Your Thread Becomes Tangled, Call the Foreman Immediately.”

After working diligently for an hour or two, suddenly the young worker’s thread became tangled. Fearing the foreman’s reaction at such an early mistake, she thought, “I’ll just quickly straighten this out myself.”

Though she tried desperately to untangle the thread, the situation only worsened. Finally, she had no choice but to call the foreman.

As soon as he arrived, the foreman could tell that the young worker had tried to do some of her own maneuverings before calling him.

 “I did the best I could,” she said.

“No you didn’t,” the foreman replied. “To do the best, you should have called me. Now this sewing machine will need to be repaired. If this happens again, you will be fired.” I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried to do something on my own strength. I exhaust myself trying before it becomes clear that I just can’t do it without my Great Foreman.

Thankfully, He hasn’t fired me yet! It may sound radical to say but when we rely on our own strength, really, it is a form of idol worship. We exalt our own strength above the Lord’s. This is unacceptable to a Holy and All-Powerful God. Even our greatest efforts cannot compare with how much more effectively a job can get done if we would only call upon His Name! We are weaklings in need of a great God. We cannot do anything without Him.

Let’s begin putting our trust fully in the Lord today and see great things get accomplished!
Have a blessed day!

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